Quiz Bowl

2016 tournament team Caitlin, Brenda, Derek, Tyler
Quiz Bowl is academic competition, pitting teams of 4 students from different schools in a test of wits over ITV or phone. Northwood students compete against 12 other teams in 40 question matches.  The season begins in October and ends in February.

Students who are interested in joining should talk to the advisor, Mrs. Duffy.

Academic Hallmarks is a company that creates Quiz Bowl matches. Click the tab to the left to see sample questions, plus sign up to receive an email with a Question of the Day.  All Northwood High School students are invited to be part of the team, as players or spectators.  Come whenever you can, Bowlers!



Quiz Bowl Schedule 2016-2017


**Matches held in the ITV room unless noted

Home team (in bold) receives the first question


Thursday, Oct. 6        3:45-4:40    Northwood vs. Mellen

Wednesday, Oct. 19    4:45-5:40    Northwood vs. Phillips

Monday, Oct. 24        3:45-4:40    Northwood vs. South Shore

Wednesday, Oct. 26    3:45-4:40    Bayfield vs. Northwood

Tuesday, Nov. 1        3:45-4:40    Northwood vs. Washburn

**Postponed!  Wednesday, Nov. 2        3:45-4:40    Northwood vs. Winter

Thursday, Nov. 10        4:45-5:40    Superior 1 vs. Northwood

**Postponed!  Tuesday, Nov. 15        4:45-5:40    Northwood vs. Ashland

Thursday, Nov. 17        4:45-5:40    Northwood vs. Maple (WISLINE)

Tuesday, Dec. 6        4:45-5:40    Superior 2 vs. Northwood

Thursday, Dec. 8        4:45-5:40    Northwood vs. Butternut

Wednesday, Jan. 4        4:45-5:40    Drummond vs. Northwood
Monday, Jan. 9              3:45-4:30 Northwood vs. Ashland
Wednesday, Jan. 25      3:45-4:30  Northwood vs. Winter


High Quiz Bowl Tournament

Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2017 (CESA #12)

[snow date: February 22]


Here is a sample of the questions from the 2012 tournament that the Northwood High School students answered correctly.

Sample Questions:
1. The Fenians of NYC fought for the independence of what region of Europe?
2. Which continent suffers the greatest distortion on a Mercator projection?
3. In the 1960s and 1970s, which small country had a disproportionate influence on world politics in Angola, Latin America, and Ethiopia?
4. What constellation of the northern hemisphere was named after Perseus's wife?
5. What WWII biography is subtitled "The Secret Annex"?
6. The Pinkerton Detective Agency was founded in 1850 in what Midwestern city?
7. In 1820 artist John Trumbull painted "Surrender of General Cornwallis at _________"?
8. In Biblical legends, who slew 1000 Philistines with the jawbone of an ass?
9. In 1791, Thomas Paine wrote The Rights of Man which supported what Revolution in progress?
10. These warning signs indicate what medical condition? shortness of breath, pain in the arm, sweating, anxiety, chest pain.
11. A palm is to a palmer as a sole is to a ______
12. Dynamite is comprised of absorbent material and what explosive nitrogen compound?
13. The category is genocide: Hitler is to Western Europe as who is to Cambodia?
14. Which of the two cave formations built of drip stone is usually thicker?
15. What American military leader in 1945 left the conquest of Berlin to the Soviets?
16. Martin Luther King said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice ________"
17. At Gaugamela in 331 BC, 47,000 Macedonians defeated 50,000 soldiers of what land?
18. In Edgar Lee Master's book, Spoon River Anthology, what is unique about all of the characters?
19. In an atlas, the summary information might state that the "pci is $17,400" What is the meaning of pci?
20. What is the probability that four coins tossed up in the air will all land with their heads up?

1. Ireland
2. Antarctica
3. Cuba
4. Andromeda
5. Diary of Anne Frank
6. Chicago
7. Yorktown
8. Samson
9. French
10. heart attack
11. plantar
12. nitroglycerin
13. Pol Pot
14. stalagmites
15. Eisenhower
16. everywhere
17. Persia
18. they're all dead
19. per capita income
20. 1/16

Contact: Karen Duffy karen_duffy@northwoodk12wi.com